Greetings Fathers and Brothers of Calvary Presbytery,

I bring glad tidings from Albania as my wife, Jenny, and her dear friend Martha have safely arrived from America, having stayed for three weeks, and now we along with several other brothers in Christ are now making the last preparations for such an exciting occasion this Sunday! Below you will read of such specific praises along with some key prayer points.

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow . . .

v Mission Church in Albania – This Reformation Sunday, October 28th, commences regular worship of the mission church in Albania called “The Reformed Presbyterian Church, Durres” (Kisha E Reformuar Presbiteriane, Durres). The service will be at 10:00 am (4 am Eastern).

v Sermon Text – I will be preaching on Matthew 16:13-20, “Christ is Building His Church”

v Building Dedication – We are renting a store-front room right in the heart of downtown (behind the Masque) and are making final preparations to use the facilities for the first service. The pulpit and baptismal are already in place and will be joined soon by a dividing curtain, chairs, and simple decor.

v Sunday Evening Bible Study on A. W. Pink’s Attributes of God We have had about ten regular attendees, give or take some for the past five Sunday’s studying the attributes of God. I will continue this teaching for Sunday evenings following the initial service, providing an open house time of fellowship this Sunday.

Key Prayer Points

v Preparation and Preaching of God’s Word for such a monumental occasion in the history of Albania. Pray for conversions as there will be many non-believers. Pray for the church-hoppers that will be attending. May God give them our convictions and join them to our core group.

v Completion of Chairs – The chair maker hopes to have all fifty chairs completed by Saturday. Please pray that we will have all the needed furniture before Sunday.

v Pastoral opportunities and Biblical Counseling – There is a great need for biblical counseling and discipleship. Christians are in disarray due to prolongued spiritual starving. Preaching & teaching ministries among the churches greatly digress from Biblical practice and teaching, and the pastoral work is not only weak, but actually damaging. Please pray for my wisdom and stamina.

Rev. Albert Kona

Assistant Pastor of Church Planting to Albania

Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church