The Already and the Not Yet

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you all know, we were supposed to already be in Albania by now, but we are not there yet. We were scheduled to leave for Albania on July 10th, but God in his wisdom knew when we would truly be ready for our departure. What follows are of things for you to praise and pray to God for us. Notice below the new departure date.

clip_image002Thank God for Jenny’s new Passport. The reason why we were delayed for an extra month was because Jenny’s new passport did not arrive in time. We had applied 4 months before the scheduled day of our departure but apparently that was not enough time. We had to seek the help of our US Congressman who is also a churchman in our presbytery.

The first thing that God knew better than us was Jenny’s health. Jenny had been feeling sick for almost 3 months before our scheduled departure. At first we thought that she was just fatigued. We had been going 90 miles per hour for the last six months. Jenny continued full-time work at SSI while making our support visits almost every weekend. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health but later discovered several issues with homeopathic care. Please praise God for the diagnosis and pray for her healing.

The second thing that God knew better was that we were going to have trouble shipping our belongings. Praise God for this trial. Our experience with the shipping company was … “interesting.” But Our God and our local church were wonderful in providing and assisting us with everything and settings us free to move to Albania. The WRPC deacon in charge with our temporal matters gave me a greater love and appreciation for being a Presbyterian minister. Thank God for the office of the deacon. Please pray that our belongings make it there and that we will not run into problems with clearing them with customs (this is a very delicate matter in third world countries where the law is subject to private interpretation).

The third thing that God knew better was that we needed to do some advanced paperwork with the US and Albanian Governments. We will be applying for a Permanent Residency Permission for Jenny upon arrival (it is like a Green Card). Please pray that all will go smoothly.

The New Day

Brothers, notice our new scheduled day of departure. It is August 8th, 2007. Please pray for our preparations. Pray for traveling mercies and pray for the going through the customs in Albania.

The New Contact Information

We are very exited about our new Vonage number. It is a Greenville, SC number, which we will plug in our fast internet modem in Albania. This means that we can call all our friends, family, and supporters from Albania as if we were calling you from SC as much as needed since our plan is the “unlimited time and long-distance” plan. You will also be able to call a SC number and the phone will ring in Albania. We suggest this for all the missionaries living overseas. Our new phone number is (864) 278 – 0047. Please give us some time until we set up our DSL in Albania. Our new mailing address in Albania is:

Albert & Jennifer Kona

L.18, Rr. Aleksander Goga,

Pll. 897, H ¾,

Durres, Albania

Our Financial Status

Praise God with us for the support with which He has blessed us. We stand at the 80% mark. We will continue our fundraising efforts from Albania, and still desire your faithful prayers. The more money we have, the more translation and publication we can get done.

Our First Few Weeks in Albania

Brothers, please pray diligently, especially for our first few weeks in Albania. Pray for our adjustment, especially for Jenny. Pray for our introduction to the new neighborhood, for the language learning process for Jenny, for our resting on the Lord and depending on his time for everything that we will need to experience. Pray for Jenny’s health as she will be introduced to a new micro-environment.

A Church-planting possibility

Please pray for wisdom for me. There is a group of believers in Durres (the place where we will live) that anticipate our arrival and mission. They seem to be unhappy with their church situations causing them to leave. Now they are looking for a new church and leader. As all groups like that, they come with much baggage, but pray that God would reform their beliefs and practices, transforming them to be the core group of the first church-plant in Durres. Please pray that I may be granted discernment in how to better lead these followers toward spiritual healings, reformation and particularization as the first Presbyterian church in Durres. I have been preparing a series of Bible-studies and expository sermons from NT books. I have enough material to teach and preach from for the next 5 years, I just need wisdom.

Fathers, Brothers and Supporters, we thank you again for continually ministering such love, support, and prayers to us in our preparations to leave for Albania. We desire to stay in touch via email and phone, hearing about your joys and trials from our loving Father in Heaven. Thank you for hearing our own during this season in our lives. We love you all!

In His Grip

Albert and Jennifer Kona