The First Week in Albania

Greetings from the Berti and Jenny,

We are delighted to share many praises with you from Albania! After arriving safely and resting, we were and continue to be blessed with much care from our Kona parents and fellowship with many dear friends of old. Our much awaited arrival has only sweetened each experience, even for Jenny in light of all adjustments. We desire to keep you updated regularly with various praises and prayer requests and would be grateful and blessed by your continued prayers and contact.

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow . . .

Praise the Lord for His faithful loving-kindness and grace to us as we have journeyed far from many loved ones and much familiarity for Jenny. He has lifted our spirits by way of providing for every physical and spiritual need. We do praise Him for the love and care from the Kona parents as they have provided transportation, wisdom, warm hospitality, delicious traditional meals, and much much more. The Lord has answered many prayers in regard to their health, Mami (Ollga) given more endurance and joy as well as Babi (Jani) in his remainder of time at work. There is an American family living near as well [Adam, Allison, Hudson (6), and Lydia(4)], working for ABI (Albanian Bible Institute). They are very kind, having all four of us over for a big lunch last week and providing friendship and advice for Jenny. We are in praise for many things as the Lord has met our needs, however, in His good providence, there are various challenges ahead in which we continue to seek His wisdom and aide. Please join us in prayer.

Pray for Jenny’s Papers – IMPORTANT

We are applying for a Permanent Residency Permission for Jenny (it is like a Green Card). We had a preliminary meeting with an official at the Police Headquarters. We need to produce the necessary documentation and submit the application within the 30 days of Jenny’s entrance to Albania. Some of the documents requested by the Police seem to be tricky to produce. The “system” here is not geared toward helping foreign Christian missionaries. Please pray that God will direct our steps and that all will go smoothly.

Our Home and My Jenny

The approximate arrival of our shipped belongings is Mid-September. Please pray for speedy delivery and smooth transition through customs upon arrival.

We delight in the making of our home though we seek discernment in decisions made for the greatest effectiveness toward hospitality and evangelism. Please pray that all decisions made would not be from vain, selfish desire but hearts desiring to bring glory to God, ultimately enjoying Him.

Jenny desires to communicate her love for Albania! She is adjusting very well, already making friends, and praising her heavenly Father for His abundant grace, strength, mercy, joy, etc. In light of enjoying the Albanian cuisine, she is doing quite well, with only minor stomach issues lingering from the previous sickness still being treated through naturopathic methods. We will pursue a check-up when she comes back to America for her sister’s wedding in October. You will see her at WRPCA’s missions conference, giving further updates. We would desire your prayers for continued adjustments and the hiring of language tutor.

Spiritual State of Family and Friends

Along with your continued prayers for Mami Kona’s health, please keep both her and Jani in your prayers in regards to their spiritual life, especially him.

In His Grip

Albert and Jennifer Kona