Update – 03 – 01 – 2008

Dear Ladies WRPC and Supporting Churches,

This is an update on our monthly WIC meeting that took place this Saturday morning in our home.  This morning was such a blessing! I am grateful for all your prayers, support, encouragement, and more! You have all been godly examples in so many ways, being used by our Great Father in preparing me for so many moments like the ones today. Thank you!

There were 8 other ladies, not counting myself, who were able to attend. Mama Kona had to leave early due to great fatigue and oncoming flu-like symptoms due to her care for Babi Kona who does have the flu and symptoms of bronchitis. Please pray for them and their overall health and spiritual comfort. Berti has spent much time with them this week, getting necessary medications, bringing a prepared meal, and providing fellowship and spiritual encouragement. Also, another young lady who desired to attend suddenly had to take care of her mother who had a blood pressure attack this morning and went to an “emergency-type” center for help. They have received necessary tests and the temp. meds until further analysis. This lady is usually accompanied by another, possibly unsaved, young lady when it comes to events such us these. They are both dear friends.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the fellowship and lesson overall! As the ladies arrived I served them a special drink, today being an orange cappucino (fresh orange rind and cinnamon extract), then we sat and chatted until most everyone arrived before enjoying the snacks. The brownies and fruit kabobs were a hit! I wish I could have made the pecan delights, but we searched almost every Durres grocery store and market for creme cheese (simply known as “Philadelphia”) and found none. Usually my neighborhood market has it, so providential blessings. Instead I simply made oatmeal cookies. The chicken salad sandwiches were nice as well. I enjoy this time of cooking, being reminded of all my adventures in the McCarty home!

Soon after grabbing a bite to eat, we had our little “Sarah Quiz”, in which the correct answers were given in the lesson and reviewed at the end, so that the lady with the most correct would win the small potted flowers we bought as the table centerpiece! Would you like to know the Quiz Questions to test yourself? I will include them at the end of this email. They loved taking the quiz and the winner had 6 out of 7 correct, while everyone learned something new. I had one lady read the lesson while everyone else read a verse or two, which seems to go well. They all volunteered to read next time if needed. I had a main translator, which is a dear sister in Christ, but member of another church. She enjoys coming to these events. The discussion afterwards was fruitful as I am learning to ask more questions, which works quite well in this culture. Everyone loves to tell of their readings and experiences. One lady suggested more time for this type of discussion rather than the time given to the beginning chat time. How wonderful! Everyone seemed much more relaxed and open this time, which was such a blessing.

Though I plan to share my recent health news in an upcoming newsletter, I would like to share a more detailed version with you as women and dear sisters in Christ. I have been blessed to know a certain medical specialist, also the mother-in-law of my youngest sister, who has recently conducted a bioanalysis of my fluid sample. We have found various issues that need to be dealt with immediately before the pursuit of pregnancy and for overall health. Though everyone has fungus in their bodies, mine has grown so much as to cause problems, requiring special medical attention. Also, I have a type of hypothyroid issue in which little goiters have grown, causing the low basal temps I had previously taken as well as certain other hormonal issues. I do not know how to explain everything quite as thoroughly as explained to me, but would love your prayers as I have begun a rigid diet, excluding gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast, pork, fried foods, shellfish, peanuts, caffeine/coffee, and alcohol, for a set time while my body seems to show them as allergens and while I take various natural products to begin healing. I am encouraged to know that I have not been crazy at times, thinking that all my health/emotional concerns were related to culture shock and much adjustment, though I am sure much of this is a result of such experiences. I am truly grateful to the Lord for yet another occasion to lean more heavily upon his graces and help, exercising the fruit of self-control and patience. Thank you for all your ongoing care, concern and prayers. 

Please remember us in prayer as well for tomorrow’s service in which communion will be served. Berti continues in his series through Is. 53 in the morning while teaching the evening Bible study from Pink’s Attributes of God.

Blessings in Our Coming King, Jenny Kona (Berti sends greetings!) The monthly newsletter will be sent this coming week.

In His Grip,

Jenny for the Konas