Update – 12 – 12 – 2007

Greetings Dear Saints,


Great is the faithfulness of our Lord and His goodness to us! Jenny and I miss you all greatly and pray you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast as well as current fellowship in light of an upcoming Christmas and New Year. This is Jenny’s first time away from family and all familiarity during such a precious time for her, so please keep her in your prayers and contact during this month especially. As for the work of Mission to Albania, there are praises and prayer needs listed below. Please know how grateful we have been for your continued praying and giving, especially as it is the beginning of what we all hope and pray to be a major awakening here in Albania to God’s glory and praise!



v Faithful preaching of the Word and Worship in all boldness and truth has continued every Sunday at 10:00am (4am Eastern) with a faithful few, several of which have made known their transfer of future membership.

v Faithful fellowship continues with either a planned meal or open house Sunday evenings in our home as well as Bible Study/Prayer time on Wednesday evenings.

v Faithful, godly instruction and growth continues not only for those attending the Sunday and Wednesday evenings or meal invitations in our home but also for those met with throughout the week for coffee and those visited in their home.

A Personal Note of Praise . . .

v Redin has a job in Tirane! Please encourage him by way of contact!

v Strength of mind and body as we serve faithfully, by God’s grace alone

v Growing desire and preparation to have children, Jenny’s health improving

v Joy, contentment, and function despite a more simple living and unfamiliarities


v Financial Needs are something that we always hesitate in mentioning, but the Lord has proven to us time and time again that He will provide as we pray and ask. We have failed to make most of you aware of our financial needs, being that they have decreased almost 15% due to the currant exchange rate. Upon arrival the exchange rate for the US Dollar equaled 94 Lek (Albanian Currency), but now the rate consistently remains around 81 Lek for the dollar. This means that instead of the 75% support we left with, we currently have around 60% of our support needed for personal and ministry needs. Our living expenses are covered for the most part, but this does hinder our ministry operation, especially now that we worship weekly and hope to reach out to the community more in the future. Our financial goal has remained $3,000 a month, or a rounded $35,000 a year. As we approach this coming new year, we are looking at a $10,000 decrease. Please remember us in your end of the year, tax deductible donations by sending support to Woodruff Road PCA, writing Albert and Jennifer Kona on the memo line. We realize that many of you give above and beyond, and thus we are truly grateful already as the Lord has made ends meet. If anyone would desire to donate to a specific need, please contact us as we do have a list of needs.

v Faithful preaching of the Word and Worship, Fellowship, and Godly instructions and Growth! One husband and father continues struggle with Federal vision, reading various sources, and another couple that attends Wednesday Bible studies occasionally struggle with past bitterness from former church leadership. Two ladies come almost every Sunday and Wed. but without their husbands and family. At least three families are wayward in Church-going and one friend and claimed believer has “excommunicated” himself from the church. Pray as I continue to pursue in all boldness and truth! Pray as well for the structuring and use of our church website (www.krpd.org) and the recorded sermons on the Isaiah 53 series in Albanian.

v Faithful Evangelism as opportunities arise, especially in the parish mentality of church neighborhood outreach Please contact to pray for a specific non-believer.

v Kona parents and Jenny’s family – Jani and Ollga Kona have remained selfless and loving in their care of us, and we are truly grateful! Pray for their continued health as they each have had the flu, but are now better and face an upcoming cold winter. Also, upon Jenny’s return, she learned of her mother’s diagnosed diabetes and the various changes for each of her sisters (you may ask her for further details if so desired). Please pray for them all as we trust them to God’s care.

v Redin Manasterliu and Erion Dushi are two single, faithful, and dear brothers in Christ who attend every Sunday and Wednesday gathering, provide various outreach contacts, and join us in many opportunities to prepare, minister, and visit. Pray for the Lord’s preparation for them both as future husbands as well as for their future wives. Pray for opportunities of growth and evangelism in their workplace. Specifically, Erion, the doctor, has various opportunities with his contacts/patients and writes/emails a monthly article for all local doctors concerning application of biblical doctrine in their practice of medicine, having invited several of them as well to come to church. The Lord continues to grow his vision for a Christian school and medical clinic here in Durres.

We love you all and pray many blessings for this Christmas and in the New Year!

In His Grip,