Translation & Publishing

There is very little quality theological material available in the Albanian language. Reformed materials are even rare or non-existent. As a result, a translation and publishing is necessary for the propagation of the Gospel and the healthy spiritual life of the Church.

Our strategy is to translate at least one high quality book in every subject matter pertaining to Christian life and theology. For example: parenting, systematic theology, ecclesiology, eschatology, comparative theology, sacraments, prayer, missions, marriage, etc. All books are from a reformed and covenantal world and life view.

A particular commitment we have is to produce an excellent product, both in accuracy of translation and in quality of materials and binding. Once a book is translated, it then goes through an English edit (which checks the accuracy of the translation), a Theological edit (which checks the accuracy of the theological concepts), and a Albanian edit (which smoothes out the translation, makes it “feel” Albanian, and checks the Albanian grammar). All translators and editors hold degrees in their field, such as a theological or Philology degree. All books will be printed on high quality offset white paper that won’t yellow over time. Our desire is to produce a product that will withstand years of use, and will serve the church in Albania for decades to come.All books are sold at our cost or below our cost to make sure that they are affordable to every Albanian.

Some of the benefits of this ministry are: 1. Quality literature produced during the formative years of the new generation of leadership (post-communism). 2. Seminary students have text books in their native language. 3. The books reinforce all that we are doing in Church Planting and Theological education. 4. It opens doors across denominational lines for Reformed and Covenantal theology. 5. The impact will last for generations.

If you would like information on any aspect of our translation ministry, including ordering books or how you can “adopt a project,” please send us an email.