The Konas

 Albert Kona (Berti) is a graduate of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina and a member of the Calvary Presbytery, PCA. He and his wife are members at Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church, PCA where he is an Associate Pastor of Church-Planting working in Albania. He was born in Albania and was raised under a communist system until 1990. His family comes from an Eastern Orthodox background, but he did not receive much religious training. Albania was the first and only country that was officially declared atheistic until 1990. The high school where he attended was known for beginning the anti-religious youth movement in the 1960’s. After the communist regime fell, the religious ban was lifted and missionary work started in Albania. Berti was converted in 1992 when reading the New Testament for the first time. Since then he has been drawn toward ministry, especially church planting, believing this to be his calling. Berti arrived in the States in September of 2001 and began his training for ministry at GPTS. He married Jenny Huskey on March 19, 2005. Jenny is also a graduate of GPTS, with a MA in Biblical Counseling, a graduate of Furman University, and a native of Spartanburg, SC.

Berti is an ordained minister in the PCA with the powers of the Evangelist by the Calvary Presbytery and sent by his church, WRPCA as a church-planter to Albania. Berti’s vision is to establish a Reformed and Presbyterian denomination in Albania, faithful to the glory of God and to the Great Commission. Please remember them in your prayers and consider supporting them.

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